About us

About AdsKite

Adskite - Marketplace for outdoor and Indoor advertising.
Adskite connects businesses/customers with media/printing vendors for advertising needs.

Are you a business looking for cost efficient advertising?
Do you know outdoor and indoor advertising is the most effective solution? you can reach 1000s of people everyday.
Do you want to rent/buy the advertising medias from our huge collection of billboards/transit vehicles/bills/tickets/phamplets/newspapers/magazines.
Do you want to find 100s of vendors to advertise at favorite location & with an effective pricing.

Are you a printing/advertising vendor ?
Do you want to advertise your medias/printing services of billboards/transit vehicles/bills/tickets/newspapers/magazines etc.
Do you want to rent/sell your media quickly and earn more money.
Do you want to find 100s of businesses?

In adskite as a business/customer
- book/rent/buy billboards.
- search/review billboards as per your location & as per pricing needs.
- pay an advance amount to book billboards.
- communicate with vendors via emails.

In adskite as a vendor
- you can register your profile.
- add,edit,delete billboards.
- rent billboards, accept advance payment.
- instant notifications with your customers via emails.